Future Tense

Future Tense (will / be going to)

Future Tense with Will
Nós usamos will + forma básica do verbo para conjugarmos no futuro. Ex: I will go home now. (Eu irei para casa agora)
O will é utilizado para falar de previsões, promessas e decisões espontâneas (na hora da fala).
Podemos contrair will e os pronomes sujeitos: I’ll, you’ll, he’ll, she’ll, it’ll, we’ll, they’ll
Para formar a negativa, coloque not depois do will. Ex: You will not leave this house.
A contração para will not é won’t. Ex: I won’t tell you the story again.
Future Tense with Be Going To
Além de usarmos o auxiliar will, nós também podemos usar be going to + forma básica do verbo para formar o futuro.
Ex: They are going to climb that mountain.
O going to é utilizado para falar de planos. Normalmente, estes planos foram decididos antes do momento da fala.
Para formar a negativa, basta colocar not depois de am, is ,are.
Ex: I am not going to write this letter.
Questions and short answers: Is he going to travel abroad ? Yes, he is / No, he isn’t.
A) Complete com a forma correta do going to + o verbo entre parênteses. Quando houver a palavra not, escreva na forma negativa.
Ex: She (study) ____She is going to study______ with her friend.
Ex: I (not / think) ____I’m not going to think______about you today.
1) All the workers (complain) ___________________________________ about their salaries.
2) Mark (not / leave) ___________________________________ home until he turns 18.
3) Anna (practice) ___________________________________ gymnastics on Friday.
4) The phone (be) ___________________________________ busy all day tomorrow.
5) Many men (meet) ___________________________________ at the soccer event.
6) I (not / worry) ___________________________________ about this test anymore.
7) We (not / travel) ___________________________________ to Germany.
8) Everybody (sleep) ___________________________________ at the hotel.
9) The children (not / play) ___________________________________ in the school band.
10) I (believe) ___________________________________ in you again.
11) Jared (freeze) ___________________________________ the meat.
12) The executives (discuss) ___________________________________ this afternoon.
B) Ordene as palavras para formar frases. Algumas são afirmações, outras são perguntas.
Ex: going to / he / catch / is / that bird : ___He is going to catch that bird_____
Ex: wake up / are / you / what time / going to : ____What time are you going to wake up?____
1) is / look / for a new job / Mary / going to : ______________________________________________________
2) we / are / going to / not / this game / play: ______________________________________________________
3) are / get back / when / you / going to: ______________________________________________________
4) how / she / is / leave / going to / here: ______________________________________________________
5) going to / with him / deal / I / am: ______________________________________________________
6) they / why / are / going to / salmon / eat:______________________________________________________
7) do / going to / what / the senator / is: ______________________________________________________
8) run / everyone / going to / is:______________________________________________________
A) 1)are going to complain 2)is not going to leave 3)is going to practice 4)is going to be 5)are going to meet 6)I’m not going to worry
7)are not going to travel 8)is going to sleep 9)are not going to play 10)am going to believe 11)is going to freeze 12)are going to discuss
B) 1)Mary is going to look for a new job 2)We are not going to play this game 3)When are you going to get back?
4)How is she going to leave here? 5)I am going to deal with him 6)Why are they going to eat salmon? 7)What is the senator going to do?
8)Everyone is going to run
Quando usamos will e quando usamos be going to:
Prediction You always eat fruits and vegetables. I think you will live a long time. I think you are going to live a long time.
Fact The sun will set at 6:50 pm.
The sun is going to set at 6:50 pm.
Scheduled Event The concert will begin at midnight The concert is going to begin at midnight.
I am going to move to São Paulo next year.
Promise I will always love you.
Offer to help This box is heavy. I will carry it for you.

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