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Jair Bolsonaro takes office

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Photo by Janine Moraes/Câmara dos Deputados

Jair Bolsonaro was inaugurated Tuesday, January 1, as the fifth elected president since Brazil returned to democracy after the 1964-85 military dictatorship.

The former army captain and far-right congressman, who campaigned as a political outsider and anti-corruption candidate, won a comfortable victory in October over his rival in one of the most polarizing political contests in Brazil’s history.

His supporters see a leader who will tackle the violence plaguing the country. His opponents fear that four years of a Bolsonaro presidency will threaten human rights and ecological preservation in the world’s fourth-largest democracy.

Adapted from CNN.


inaugurated: neste contexto, inaugurate não é inaugurar, e sim assumir cargo público.

democracy: democracia.

dictatorship: ditadura.

far-right: extrema direita (dentro do espectro político).

congressman: deputado.

polarizing: polarizado(a).

contest : disputa ou competição.

takes office: outra maneira de dizer assumir um cargo.

supporters: apoiadores (também é usado como torcedores de um time).

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Lula: jailed former leader registered as presidential candidate

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Photo by Ricardo Stuckert - Licença Creative Commons Atribuição 3.0 Brasil

Photo by Ricardo Stuckert – Licença Creative Commons Atribuição 3.0 Brasil

Brazil’s Workers’ Party (PT) has formally registered jailed former President Luis Inácio Lula da Silva as its presidential candidate.

Lula is currently serving a 12-year jail term for accepting a bribe. In Brazil, no one convicted of a crime upheld on appeal can run for office.

That law would prevent Lula from running for the presidency in October. However, exceptions have been made to the law before.

He was convicted of receiving a beachfront apartment worth some 3.7m reais as a bribe by engineering firm OAS.

Lula has chosen Fernando Haddad, former mayor of São Paulo, to run for the PT if he is prevented from doing so.

Adapted from BBC.


former: ex.

jailed: adjetivo para dizer que alguém está preso, observe a posição dele no texto.

upheld on appeal: condenação mantida em segunda instância.

bribe: propina.

mayor: prefeito.

run for: candidatar-se a um cargo público.

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Palmeiras name Felipe Scolari as new coach

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Photo by Danilo Borges/copa2014.gov.br Licença Creative Commons Atribuição 3.0 Brasil

Photo by Danilo Borges/copa2014.gov.br Licença Creative Commons Atribuição 3.0 Brasil

Former Brazil coach Luiz Felipe Scolari signed a contract with Palmeiras on Thursday, July 26, returning home for the first time since his defeat at the 2014 World Cup.

Scolari’s contract is valid until 2020, and this is the third time he manages the Sao Paulo-based giant team.

On the day before, July 25, the club fired Scolari’s predecessor, Roger Machado, after losing to Fluminense 1-0 in the 15th round of the Brazilian championship.

Scolari was Brazil coach when it lost to Germany 7-1 in the 2014 World Cup semifinal. Ironically, he was also in charge when the Selecao won its fifth title in 2002, also against the Germans.

After the 2014 exit, Scolari coached Gremio for the rest of the year and left for China promising not to return to Brazil any time soon. But now Scolari is back.

Adapted from The Washington Post.


Former: ex-, anterior.

Sao Paulo-based: de São Paulo, localizado em São Paulo, com “base” em São Paulo.

In charge: encarregado, responsável, no comando.

Round: neste contexto, significa rodada.

Championship: campeonato.

Defeat: derrota.

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Plastic surgeon known as “Dr. Butt” is arrested in Rio

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Dr. Denis Furtado, a celebrity plastic surgeon known as “Dr. Butt” (Dr. Bumbum), was arrested in Rio de Janeiro on Thursday, July 19, 2018, four days after one of his patients died.

Police had been searching for Furtado since Sunday when his patient Lilian Calixto, a 46-year-old bank manager, passed away at a hospital where Furtado had taken her after a buttock enhancement procedure.

Police said Furtado and his mother, who is also a doctor, were arrested in an office in a business center in the Barra de Tijuca neighborhood.

He  faces murder charges while his mother is accused of being an accomplice.

Adapted from Reuters.


arrested: preso.

bank manager: gerente de banco.

buttock(s): nádega(s).

passed away: faleceu (died), passado de “to pass away”.

neighborhood: bairro ou vizinhança.

charges: acusações.

murder: assassinato.